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Lishin Accounting Firm

Your Most Professional Finance and Tax Consultant

  • LiShin Accounting Firm was established in 2015.  Our goal is to provide a friendly and professional audit ,tax and advisory service, which enables owners of enterprises to focus on the development of business. We handle over 100 domestic and foreign clients, and the proportion of foreign clients is currently over 20 percent.  The main goal of LiShin Accounting Firm is to become the bridge between Taiwan and internationality.

  • We understand that for any business to mature, experienced professionals are needed in every phase. At LiShin Accounting Firm, we possess the flexibility to deal with any obstacles without losing our professionalism.  We strive for clients’ best interests and assist them in the most practical fashion.

  • We also offer diversified services. In addition to traditional bookkeeping , audit, tax audit and advisory services, business registration and professional consultant advisory service, we also provide professional recommendations toward correspondent bank, governmental subsidies and human resource management. At the same time, we are devoted to develop unconventional advisory services, striving to be an essential partner during the growth of any corporation.

  • To better assist our clients in protecting their assets and properties, we are also an expert in asset inheritance and planning for Multinational Corporation.

  • At LiShin Accounting Firm, we pride ourselves to always challenge the impossible and constantly refine our professional business practice.  We are able to assist our clients to better prepare for any possible obstacle, to seize every opportunity, and to gain greater success.



02 2778 7680 - 洪逸芯會計師

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